GSUN is one of the leading RECRUITMENT AGENCY & ACCOUNTING AND TAXATION TRANING Service Provider based in Hyderabad, India. GSUN is managed and run by group of qualified Accountants, Corporate Financial Advisors & Tax Consultants. We have accumulated with us 15 years years experience of adding value to clients by providing multitude of services.

We strongly believe that Expert services can be provided only by a person who specializes in a niche area of service and obtain in-depth knowledge in such given area of service over a period of time. To achieve this we have divided our area of services into Accountant Recruitment Services, Accounting and Taxation Services, Auditing and Assurance and Tax Advisory Services, Company Law , and Accounting Outsourcing Services. Each division is headed by a qualified expert that makes our firm, the Best Recruitment, Services Accounting & Taxation services in Hyderabad & secunderabad.

We are also in Compliance & Legal Services & Business Registration Services

Ghodkekar Sandeep,
Accountant Recruitment
Consultant, Faculty of
Accounting Software’s,
CONTACT: -8688138044

“If you are not satisfied tell us, if satisfied tell others”.